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Secretary: Eileen Butler email: thebutlers_at_aol.com

North American District report for 2016

The small group of North American Ladies Guild members do not have many opportunities to ring together.

We were unable to schedule a Ladies Guild Quarter Peal attempt over the Annual Quarter Peal Weekend in Philadelphia in January 2016. However, at the Hendersonville, NC anniversary weekend in August, there were Ladies Guild members in attendance and we attempted, several times, Cambridge Minor, but were not, unfortunately, successful. I still have hopes that we will succeed at this Cambridge Minor quarter peal soon!
Eileen Butler

North American District report for 2015

The North American Ladies Guild were unable to schedule a Quarter Peal attempt during the annual Quarter Peal Weekend event in Philadelphia in January 2015. This is one of the only events which brings many of the Ladies Guild members together.

We will try to plan/organize more QP attempts next year at various other ringing events. We are not strong enough in numbers to have a ringing meeting as we are too spread out geographically.

I was fortunate enough to join the Central District's October 31st outing, going to Weston Turville after lunch, and was made to feel very welcome.

Eileen Butler