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The objects of the Ladies' Guild of Change Ringers:

“to bring together ringers both nationally and within local districts, to encourage new ringers and to improve the standard of ringing amongst women and girls”

For more information about ringing church bells and learning to ring:

Dates for all Districts

Subscriptions, ADMs and AGM in 2021

As in-person ringing was not possible for most of 2020, the Executive Committee of the Ladies' Guild has agreed that subscriptions paid in 2020 will be carried forward to cover 2021. For any more information, please contact your District Secretary, or the Guild Treasurer (contact details here).

Rosemary Hemmings, as Guild Secretary, has sent out the following reminder to District Secretaries. The reminder is included here in case there are members who are not in touch with their District Secretary and would like to know what is happening.

Just to remind you, if you have not already done so, to arrange your ADM. I know that this year because of Covid restrictions they will not be in the usual manner, but the Guild rules state that each District needs to hold a meeting before 31st March in order to elect their officers. Please would you let me know when you are going to hold your meeting and how you plan to hold it. A while back I sent out quite a few items for your members to think about; if you would let me have any of their thoughts after your ADM regarding these items it will be very useful in gauging general opinion on matters prior to the AGM in June.

Please contact Rosemary (khemmings123_at_btinternet.com) for more details.

The Executive Committee has decided that, due to Covid restrictions, the AGM will be held via Zoom in June and not face to face hosted by the North West District as originally planned.

The AGM is now scheduled for Saturday 19th June, starting at 10 am. Zoom joining details will be available nearer the time.

See the AGMs page for more details

Ladies Guild Archives

From Janet Stevenson, Guild Archivist

The Guild Archives have been digitally listed and all hard copies prior to 2011 have been sent to (& received by) the London Metropolitan Archives https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/ where they will be accessible to anyone wanting to do research. Ongoing files of annual reports, obituaries, holiday reports and all display materials are still kept in my house. contact me if you want anything.

Please continue to send your newsletters and minutes of meetings to the Guild archivist so that they can be digitally recorded on an external hard drive which can be handed on to the next archivist.

NB (February 2021) The pandemic of 2020/2021will be of historical interest. Please make a note of how you have kept in touch with your members and how you organised your Annual meeting and send this to the report compiler who will ensure that a copy goes into the archives.

More details of the archives and their storage here.

Ladies' Guild Holiday 2021?

Letter from Pearl Jeanes, 21/08/2020

Dear All,

We hope this finds you all well and surviving life in our new world of facial coverings and social distancing, and little or no tower ringing. How the world has changed…

Margaret and I have had a chat this week about whether it will be possible to arrange a Ladies Guild Holiday in 2021. In these uncertain times we have no way of knowing what next year will bring and if/whether there will be a successful vaccine - or if we will have to learn to live alongside this Covid virus. We have decided that we will review the situation towards the end of 2020 - hoping that things will be a bit clearer by then. I am sure we all hope that some kind of normal ringing will be resumed sometime in the New Year.

Assuming that social distancing is reduced to manageable levels to ring methods again, some of the thoughts about planning for 2021 that occur to us are –

    • Whether our planned hotel in Lincolnshire will still be in business?

    • Will large visiting groups of ringers be welcome to new towers?

    • Would it make more sense to think of a more central location for 2021?

    • Shorter break say 3-4 days?

    • Smaller group?

    • Plan for later in the year? September?

    • Maybe fewer towers per day as geographically it may be difficult to organise available towers?

    • Perhaps more scenic/social stuff to fill in the gaps?

We would welcome your ideas in the coming months, whatever they may be. You will appreciate that there are many things which are hard to foresee or plan for at the present time. And given the age range of our group/possible health issues, we also recognise that some friends may decide after this long break that it is time to call it a day for ringing, sad though that maybe.

We promise to make a decision one way or the other at the end of the year, depending on the situation at the time - and taking into account any comments received. So please … do keep in touch.

Our Very Best wishes, Pearl and Margaret (Contact Pearl on pearl.jeanes365_at_gmail.com)

Ladies Guild AGM, planned for June 2020, now cancelled, Annual Report available as pdf.

Pdf file of Annual Report available here. Note that the Treasurer's Report is omitted from this version, please contact the Treasurer directly if you would like a copy of her report.

Alison William's Presidential posts on Facebook 'Not the AGM Day 2020' are here.

Alison Williams, as President, writes:

Dear Members

Due to the continuing restrictions on gatherings, the Ladies’ Guild AGM in June 2020 is cancelled. My apologies for the delay in making this announcement. As the Coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented event with no certain indication of time for a “return to normal”, the Executive Committee are deciding a way forward for this year and this will be communicated soon.

In the meantime, please stay safe and well.

Alison Williams, President