Membership of the Ladies Guild

As defined by the Rules, the following types of membership are available:

a). Adult ringing member: Subscription £5.00 annually.

b). Junior ringing member (under 18 years or in full time education): Subscription 50% of full membership.

c). Life member: Single subscription of ten times the annual full membership.

d). Automatic Life member: Attained by those who reach the age of 60 years AND have paid 30 years subscriptions.

e). Honorary Life member: Awarded by the Guild to members who have shown outstanding service.

f). Overseas members* : Subscription equal to one years ringing subscription. Overseas members who come to reside in the UK lose the right to hold overseas membership.

g). Associate member* : For women and girls who are not ringers but wish to be associated with the Guild. Subscription equal to one years ringing subscription.

* Overseas members and Associate members do not have the right to vote.

New members are normally elected at a meeting of the District which they will join. A membership application form is available to download here. Complete the form and send it to the Guild Secretary, who will forward it to your District Secretary, or else send it directly to your District Secretary (details of the Districts are here). Your District Secretary will contact you with details of local events and meetings so you can attend one of them and be elected.