Job Description for President

This information was sent to members by the Guild Secretary in October 2018.

The Guild National President shall:

    • Work with the national officers to administer the Guild within the rules.
    • Write a President's Piece for the Annual Report.
    • Be present at, and Chairwoman of, the AGM wherever it should be.
    • Co-ordinate, judge and attend the Dorothy L Sayers Award wherever it should be.
    • Make sure she is known to all Districts, if possible, by attending some of their meetings and other Guild events.
    • Represent the Guild by attending the funeral, when possible, of a member.
    • Have the option of being one of the three Guild Central Council representatives.
    • Be the figurehead of the Guild, wear the Guild Regalia with pride, and bring something to the improvement of the Guild as all her predecessors have done in the past.

Summary of Rules concerning the President

4. The Guild shall be governed by a committee consisting of the following members, four of whom shall form a quorum:

a. President

b. Guild Secretary

c. Guild Treasurer

d. Three Central Council Representatives, one of whom may be the President if she wishes.

e. Guild Archivist

f. Guild Webmaster

5. Election of officers:

a. Nominations for any of the above posts should be sent to the Guild Secretary in writing before the AGM. If sent by email a hard copy should be retained by the sender and the national Secretary. Nominations will be possible from the floor as well by prior notice.

b. A nomination or election for a President–elect will be held at the AGM in the second year of the President’s tenure.

c. The President and the Central Council Representatives shall be elected for a three year term. The Guild Secretary, Guild Treasurer, Archivist and Webmaster shall each retire annually and be eligible for re-election.

12. Proposed alterations to these rules shall be notified, in writing, to the National Secretary at least six months before the Annual General Meeting.