Rules of the Ladies' Guild

REVISED, CLARIFIED & RATIFIED BY THE AGM 14TH JUNE 2014. AGM Host Districts (Rule 6) amended according to the 2019 Annual Report after cancellation of 2020 AGM.

1) The title of the Guild shall be THE LADIES’ GUILD OF CHANGE RINGERS.

2) The object of the Guild is to bring together ringers, both internationally and within local districts and to improve the standard of ringing amongst women and girls.

3) Membership of the Guild is open to women and girls in one of the following categories:

a). Adult ringing member: Subscription £5.00 annually.

b). Junior ringing member (under 18 years or in full time education): Subscription 50% of full membership.

c). Life member: Single subscription of ten times the annual full membership.

d). Automatic Life member: Attained by those who reach the age of 60 years AND have paid 30 years subscriptions.

e). Honorary Life member: Awarded by the Guild to members who have shown outstanding service.

f). Overseas members* Subscription equal to one years ringing subscription. Overseas members who come to reside in the UK lose the right to hold overseas membership.

g). Associate member* For women and girls who are not ringers but wish to be associated with the Guild. Subscription equal to one years ringing subscription.

* Overseas members and Associate members do not have the right to vote.

4) The Guild shall be governed by a committee consisting of the following members, four of whom shall form a quorum:

a) The President

b) The National Secretary

c) The National Treasurer

d) Three Central Council Representatives, one of whom may be the President if she wishes

e) The Guild Archivist

f) The Webmaster

5) Election of officers:

a). Nominations for any of the above posts should be sent to the National Secretary in writing before the AGM. If sent by email a hard copy should be retained by the sender and the National Secretary. Nominations will be possible from the floor as well as by prior notice.

b). A nomination or election for a President Elect will be held at the AGM in the second year of the President’s tenure.

c). The President and the Central Council Representatives shall be elected for a three year term. The National Secretary, National Treasurer, Archivist and Webmaster shall each retire annually and be eligible for re-election.

6) The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the Saturday nearest to the third Saturday in June that is convenient to the host district. The date and place of the next meeting shall be fixed at each A.G.M. Hosting the Annual General Meeting usually circulates the districts in the following order:










7) Members whose subscriptions are more than three years in arrears shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the Guild.

8) A report of the Guild activities shall be published annually if possible and there will be a post of Report Co-ordinator, which will be renewed annually. Copies of the Report should be placed in the Guild Archive and with the Central Council Library.

9) The Guild shall be affiliated to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers and loyally abide by the rules and decisions thereof.

10) The President-elect may claim the attendance expenses for the AGM during which she takes office as President.

11) Guild Officers may claim up to 50% of expenses (not exceeding £50) to attend the Annual General Meeting. Central Council representatives may also claim 50% of their expenses (not exceeding £100) to attend the Central Council meeting. These sums shall be reviewed annually.

12) Proposed alterations to these rules shall be notified, in writing, to the National Secretary at least six months before the Annual General Meeting.

13) Peals:

i. All peals rung for the Guild shall conform in all respects to the Rules & decisions of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

ii. All ringers taking part in such peals shall be fully paid-up members of the Guild.

iii. The peal fee shall be 10% of the annual membership fee (see Guild Rule 3a) per ringer.

iv. The conductor shall be responsible for the truth of the composition the performance and sending the appropriate peal fee to the District Secretary/Treasurer, to be passed to the Hon. Treasurer for recording in the Guild records, within one month of the performance.


  1. Each District shall be at liberty to elect a District (Vice) President and a Secretary / Treasurer and shall be governed by a committee consisting of the Officers and four members, three to form a quorum. The Officers to retire annually and be eligible for re-election.

  2. The Secretary/Treasurer of each district shall collect the subscriptions of members of the District, issue receipts and forward a statement of accounts and the balance in hand to the Honorary National Treasurer of the Guild at the end of each financial year, i.e. December 31st. The District Secretary, however, may retain a reasonable sum, not exceeding £150.

  3. Each District shall be at liberty to arrange its own meetings. At a meeting not later than March 31st, the officers shall be elected for the ensuing year.

  4. The District Secretary / Treasurer shall be empowered to pay for:

    1. Reasonable minor running expenses.

    2. Any exceptional expenses to be referred to the General Committee.