Ladies' Guild Archives

From Janet Stevenson, Guild Archivist

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NB (February 2021) The pandemic of 2020/2021will be of historical interest. Please make note of how you have kept in touch with your members and how you organised your Annual meeting and send this to the report compiler who will ensure that a copy goes into the archives.

Location of Guild Archives

The Guild Archives have been digitally listed and all hard copies prior to 2011 have been sent to (& received by) the London Metropolitan Archives where they will be accessible to anyone wanting to do research. Ongoing files of annual reports, obituaries, holiday reports and all display materials are still kept in my house. contact me if you want anything.

Keeping the archive up-to-date

Please continue to send your newsletters and minutes of meetings to the Guild archivist so that they can be digitally recorded on an external hard drive which can be handed on to the next archivist.

The old minute books are stored in the archives, and if any districts have completed books please send them to the archivist. If minutes are only being kept by districts electronically they need to send copies to the archivist after each meeting, who will store them in the One Drive file.

If anyone wants their Facebook notifications or photographs kept for the archives please send copies to the archivist, preferably by email

I have nothing from: Southern, South East or North West.

I pick up a little from Facebook about Western and The Marches

The best districts are: Eastern, South Midlands and Central who send me newsletters and emails. and I deal with the East Midlands.

From 2020, additions not printed in the Annual Reports, such as District newsletters and minutes, will be stored electronically in a One Drive file named Ladies Guild Archives.

It is organised by Districts. There is a back-up copy on the portable hard drive. Currently I am taking notifications of meetings and photos from the Guild Facebook page and storing them in District files.

Archives 1912 - 2019

The archives from 1912-2019 are now listed in a searchable database, held in a file on One Drive and on a portable hard drive.

  • The hard copies prior to 2011 are stored at the London Metropolitan Archives as described above.

  • Current files which are being kept at the archivists' home, (to which hardcopies will be added as acquired), are:

    • Annual Reports from 2012 - Ring File 8.3

    • Obituaries - Ring File 10

    • Holidays - Ring file 7

    • AGMs Orders of Service Ring File 8.5

    • History Books : History of the Ladies Guild and Millennium to Centenary. Several copies of each

    • Photo Album

    • Display materials including Banner & laminated maps and badges

    • Miscellaneous items Box File 12

Other artefacts are listed in the database with the current place of storage eg.: The Presidents badge of office and other regalia with current President.

Janet Stevenson 2020