Most of the ringing and social activity of the Ladies Guild is based on the individual districts.

At present, there are 9 districts within the UK: Central, East Midlands, Eastern, The Marches, North West, South Midlands, Southeastern, Southern and Western, and also our international USA district. The districts are based around the members, so they do change over time and the boundaries are not rigid. See the individual district pages for contact details and other information.

Central: covers the counties of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, the area inside the M25 to the west and north of London, Berkshire and west Oxfordshire.

East Midlands: covers the five counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire.

Eastern: covers the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

The Marches: best described as covering an area about 15 miles east and west of the English and Welsh border from Shropshire to Herefordshire.

North West: covers Lancashire and Cumbria.

South Midlands: covers south Midlands counties including Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.

Southeastern: covers the county of Kent with east Sussex, eastern London and Surrey.

Southern: covers an area along the south coast of England, centred on Hampshire and including: west Sussex, Dorset, the eastern part of Wiltshire and the Channel Islands.

Western: covers all of the West country from Bristol to Lands End with part of South Wales and the west of Wiltshire.

USA: the North American district.

Members usually join the district which is most convenient to where they live, but contacting the Guild Secretary or any District Secretary will result in a recommendation for which district to join.

The Rules of the Ladies' Guild includes a short section on the rules concerning individual districts.